Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hot Springs

One way you can romance your spouse is to make sure you take time away from home for yourselves, even if it is for a weekend. My husband and I right now are in Hot Springs at a Bed and Breakfast (a Victorican house that is 120 years old) for a few days. It's nice to just get out of town and put everything on hold--concentrate on your relationship and each other. What kind of getaways are you planning?


  1. Hope you're having a great time in Hot Springs, Margaret. Max and I enjoyed our getaway to Dallas a few weeks ago--connecting with a lot of old friends, but we had some nice together time, too. Can't wait for Denver in Sept. We're going a few days early for R&R in the mountains before the ACFW conference.

  2. Oh, Margaret, a B&B in Hot Springs sounds charming! We own a timeshare on Lake Hamilton that we go to for a week every spring--faithfully for almost all of the past 20-25 years. It's our "forced relaxation" week. Since we've been there so often, we've seen just about all the tourist attractions, so we just enjoy the lake, walking the Promenade, peeking in shops, picnicking, whatever. It's always a great time to leave the real world behind and reconnect with each other!

  3. Hope you are having a great time, Margaret!