Monday, September 14, 2009

Thankful for a Supportive Husband

In just a few short days I will be on my way to the same writer's conference Janet mentioned in last Thursday's post.

And though I am not so fortunate to have my hubby going with me to Denver, I am fortunate to have a hubby who understands and supports my dream.

Money is tight for us at the moment, and we discussed at great length if going to this conference was the right move. I've had the money saved for the trip for six months or more. I was willing to forgo the conference and save the money for something else we might need.

But Hubby said no. He wanted me to go to Denver, take the workshops, meet with other writers, and make connections with possible editors and agents. He would take a couple of days off work to look after the kids, and also beg my mother to help out (which she agreed to do), and they would all be fine.

And since I know what a trial it can be for a dad to handle the kids all by himself when he usually works full time, it meant even more to me that he insisted I go.

Now I will return the generous gesture and find a way to give him the break he needs in the coming months.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous week and find the chance to do something sweet for your sweetie.


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