Thursday, November 19, 2009

In sickness and in health

Want to find out how much your spouse really loves you? Just put the “in sickness” part of your wedding vows to the test!

And since this is the cold-and-flu season, we should have plenty of opportunities. I’m snuggled up in my jammies this week with a sore throat and stuffy head. Where is my husband? He’s been on a business trip. Convenient how he so often manages to be out of town while I’m home suffering! For two days I had to fix my own oatmeal for breakfast, heat up canned chicken noodle soup for lunch, zap a Lean Cuisine for supper, and generally take care of myself (and the dogs!).

Seriously, my sweetie doesn’t travel that much, and he’s usually very considerate and attentive when I’m sick. His “love language” is Acts of Service, so he takes great pleasure in doing little things for me even when I’m well.

However, one of my main “love languages” is Quality Time, and since my husband is often so busy doing, he forgets how much I appreciate his just being--his presence, focus, and attention. Especially when I’m sick, I enjoy comforting words, a foot rub, being read to, or just having my sweetie sit with me. The good news is, if I ask him, he usually obliges.

Whether you’re sick or healthy, what speaks love to you? Are some of your spouse’s messages getting lost in translation? Maybe it’s time to sit down together for a “language lesson.”


  1. Oh Myra I wish I lived closer so I could bring you over some homemade chicken noodle soup! I know first hand what it feels like to have a hubby who travels so my heart goes out to you as you rest and recover from your head cold. But just think...when he gets back, you'll be feeling better and he can take you out to a nice dinner! Hugs!

  2. Thanks, Amy! Hubby got home yesterday afternoon and picked us up some Pei Wei for supper. And thankfully I'm feeling MUCH better today! Even traded the jammies for sweats (although there's really not much difference--LOL!).

  3. So sorry you've been sickly, Myra. I certainly have known how that is this past week or so. Glad you hubby is home and that you are feeling better!