Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just The Two of Us

Again. :) The kids all went on a church teen retreat this past weekend. They love going to those and Dan and I love that they do.

Once again we had the house to ourselves and a weekend to just go with the flow--and get some early Christmas shopping in. On Friday evening we went to browse for gifts and out to eat. Dan let me choose and of course I picked one of my favorite places--Olive Garden. The food was great, the time together even greater and we enjoyed talking about what to get everyone.

On Saturday, we left the house early so we could get that shopping done and be back for the football games Dan wanted to watch. We looked again, then made our decisions and I'm happy to say that most of our major shopping is done.

After lunch, we came home and I got in some household chores and a little writing while Dan watched the first of his games. A break for supper at IHop--his choice this time, and we had time to stop at Target before game time once more. Back at home, I hid all the gifts and read a little while the game was on.

It was a great weekend with time to just be together, whether we were talking or just keeping each other company. More romantic than it might sound--it's a blessing to love doing that, still, after all these years. :)

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  1. Hi! I found your site through Carla Stewart.

    Funny, Janet...I could have written this. :-) My husband's name is Dan, we have older kids involved in church things and their own peer bible study groups, etc, so they're now gone more than they're home. And I try to write while Dan watches football too. One difference: I haven't begun to think about Christmas. It's like next year, right??

    After 26 years, we have developed the kind of fondness for one another's company that you can't really have with anyone else. I think the underlying committment it takes to grow in a Christ-centered relationship for decades (gasp - has it been that long?) regardless the issues and difference that WILL arise lays the foundation for a kind friendship like no other. I guess God knew what he was doing when he designed the first couple for each other in the garden.

    Thanks for the post, and for this site devoted to honoring and preserving a priceless, undervalued gift.