Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Dates


My dad's birthday is coming up in two days (Happy birthday, Dad!!), and that got me thinking about birthdays, which got me thinking about birthday DATES...

We don't usually overdo things on birthdays. Hubby usually does something sweet like take me out to eat, and of course there is the gift exchange.

But my best birthday date ever was last year, when hubby took me to a bed and breakfast.

As a writer, of course I noticed everything about the setting first. It was VERY romantic. The whole place was a two story house that had been converted into several suites (there was even a smaller cottage separate from the main structure, but our room was in the main building), plus a nice communal sitting room and a gift shop.

Our room was decorated with lots of Victorian-era things. One of my favorites was a lounging couch that was just perfect to curl up on with a good book. And there was a jacuzzi tub right in the room (okay, so not quite Victorian but it was cool)!

And the king-size bed was heavenly. Let me tell you, hubby and I share a queen-size at home and he is a sleep-wrestler - lots of kicking and rolling over. I usually don't notice how much he rolls around, and haven't since probably our first six months of being married. But that king-size bed was AWESOME! I slept like a baby.

Then we got served breakfast in our room the next morning, which was very romantic. I'm not a morning person - don't get up until I HAVE to, so my breakfast is usually a granola bar on the way to work. But there was something intimate and romantic about having a sit down meal with hubby first thing in the morning. Remembering this, I may just try to start a Saturday morning breakfast ritual for us. Maybe.

I know I'll remember my birthday weekend 2008 for a long time. And the funny thing is that hubby didn't have to do THAT MUCH work to make it really romantic. He basically just made reservations and then cleared his calendar for a day and a half. But the time spent together meant a lot to me.

Wonder what he'll do for my birthday this year? It's coming up in May...


  1. Romantic breakfasts are definitely a nice change of pace, Lacy! Years ago, my husband and I started a Valentine's Day tradition of going out for breakfast to our favorite pancake house. The first time was because we didn't feel like fighting restaurant crowds that evening, but we enjoyed it so much that now we do it every year.

  2. Myra, I love the idea of having a Valentine's Day breakfast instead of fighting the crowds at dinner. Me thinks, it's time to start a new tradition!

  3. We've stayed in quite a few bed and breakfasts over the years, but more when we travel. There's just something about them that is not like a sterile hotel room. One of the nicest ones we visited was in Wyoming. Max was coming down with a cold and didn't feel well, but I lounged in the claw foot tub with bubble bath, thinking about our romantic evening. When I emerged from the bath, I found Max buried in the covers, snoring away. So much for the romance, but one night doesn't make a marriage. Thankfully, we've had many other memorable stays at B & B's :-)