Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Introduction - Amy Loos

Hey! Welcome! My name is Amy Loos and I’m happy to welcome you to Romance Your Spouse. As the brainchild of Denice and Lacy, I’m glad they invited me to join in their merriment to share wisdom (cough, cough) on marriage.

I wish I could say that as the years have passed my own marital challenges have gotten easier, our romance more exciting and my husband and I have blossomed into the “perfect couple”… if there is such a thing. The truth is, I love and adore my husband. He’s my best friend and companion but he can also be one of the biggest reasons I use Clairol! Nothing like hiding those grays, girls!

Together we live life to the best of our ability, placing God first, our marriage second and our family third. We are currently raising 3 children; our daughter is a freshman in college, while our 2 boys (13, 10) keep us running noon to night with school and sports activities. We love every moment of this roller coaster ride called marriage.

Apart from my husband and kids, I’m a writer. I’ve had my work published in newsletters, articles and I currently write book reviews for Armchair Interviews. I love reading contemporary and historical Christian fiction but my own writing is contemporary, with not-so-perfect characters who lead not-so-perfect lives and who struggle to “get it right,” just like the rest of us. Don’t you just love how the real world spills over onto paper?!

Unlike Lacy, my fellow blogger who loves research, I hate it. I’d rather send hubby off to work, ship the kids off to school and spend the next 8 hours happily pounding out my storyline without ever losing momentum due to research. Yes, yes, I know, you can’t have a good story without research, but it seems such a bother, especially when your main characters won’t stop talking! And there are words to be written!

Yes oh yes, I have worked myself into many writing corners where I’ve needed to stop, go to the library or connect with the cyber world to do said necessaries.

Speaking of the real & cyber world. Let me encourage any fellow writers to get connected. I’m currently a national member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and Christian Writers Guild ( ACFW is the largest Christian fiction writing group in the U.S., so if you’ve ever considered joining a group of writers, check out their website, find a local chapter and get involved. As for Christian Writers Guild, they have wonderful writing classes and conferences to help you grow in your writing endeavor.
The support, encouragement and wisdom you’ll gain from being a member of either organization is priceless.

Ok, so that should do it for now. I’m glad you stopped by. I hope you’ll keep Romance Your Spouse listed as a favorite and we’ll see you often!

Many blessings from my home to yours ~Amy


  1. Wow, Amy, I'd NEVER guess you were old enough to have a child in college! (Guess the Clairol is working, huh?)

    I have to say my hubby is my best friend too. Having someone you know you can count on year after year, in good times and bad, is one of the greatest blessings of marriage.

  2. I feel like my husband and I are more like commando's united against a common enemy . . . the children!

    At least, I feel that way for now. I look forward to that friendship/lovey-dovey stage again. It was nice. I miss it. (Sniff, sniff.)

  3. Oh Amy, I loved reading more about you and your family. Having my husband as my best friend is one of life's sweetest blessings. Right up there with my favorite cup of coffee.
    I predict your blog will be a smashing success!

  4. Amy, it is so good to hear from you.

  5. Ladies,
    The blog is beautiful-one of the prettiest I've seen.
    Linda G

  6. Alas..I am old enough to have a college age kid...(sigh) now if you still think I don't look old enough when my youngest goes off to college in 8 years, then I'll take you to dinner Myra!
    Linda, Denice, Margaret, Carla & Cheryl, thank you for your kind words, you're all true sweethearts! Many blessings, Amy