Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Melting for my hubby...

Last weekend was my birthday. I'm not going to mention my age, but I will spill the beans on how romantic my hubby was.

First, there were the "non-birthday" presents. He went out and bought replacements for several things that were stolen in the robbery of our house recently - since I haven't had time to do it. That was sweet and thoughtful.

Then, there were the actual birthday presents - several DVDs that I have been wanting. Very romantic, as they were all chick-flicks.

AND... he took me out for a romantic birthday dinner at Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. It was the first time I had ever been, and it was SO COOL!

The restaurant itself was very romantic - dimly lit, deep booths (very private), quiet music playing. Our waiter was terrific, very friendly and helpful.

And the food! We had the full deal - cheese course, salads, main course and then a pot of chocolate for dessert.

I never realized before how romantic fondue could be. Basically, you have to cook your meal yourself - skewer the pieces of meat (assorted - my favorites were filet and lobster) and then put them in the cooking pot for about 2 minutes each - and they come out all cooked and flavored.

Did I mention the chocolate dessert? You dip your pieces of strawberry, banana, marshmallow, cheesecake, ETC. into the chocolate. Mmmmmmmm...

It was very fun and very romantic. Five stars for this birthday celebration. Hubby did good!


  1. That sounds like lots of fun! I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday.

  2. I love The Melting Pot--a real "special occasion" kind of place! So cozy, and you can't help but take your time with the meal, so plenty of time to talk and snuggle.