Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spur of the moment plans can be romantic

Around our busy household,  sometimes the best laid plans fall through. So, we're finding that if we can accustom ourselves to coming up with something on the spur of the moment, or accepting an invitation at the last minute, or working around the plans of others in our household, we can work in a special time together.

Not too long ago, when the rest of our household went on a retreat to Colorado, we'd planned a special meal of the things we love, that they don't all particularly like. But something came up to cancel our plans. A few weeks ago we got the chance to try again. We had a couple of days with the house to ourselves and this time, the weather was nice enough to grill outside. Dan grilled steaks just the way we like them...and I made baked potatoes and Chile Rellenos to go with them. It was a great evening to enjoy a simple meal and each other's company. Sometimes you just can't beat a quiet evening together at home.

Other times, spur of the moment works well when our kids want to have people over and we decide to have an evening out so that they can have time with their friends. It gives us a chance to have some time to ourselves that we hadn't planned on but find immensely enjoyable!

So, plan well, be prepared to have them cancelled, and learn to think fast. :)


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