Monday, April 6, 2009


Hubby and I usually eat lunch with either my parents or his parents on Sunday afternoons. It is a nice change of pace for us and a great way to keep close to the family on both sides.
However, yesterday both sets of parents were busy, so Luke and I got to go to lunch together.

This was nice for us because we had a pretty busy weekend, AND Luke was sick, so we didn't get to do our usual date night.

We had a chance to talk about some things, including some of our dreams for the future that we haven't talked about in awhile.

I think it is so important in a marriage to talk about your hopes and dreams as a married couple.

I have some dreams (being published!) that are my own but that will require support from my husband in order to accomplish. Likewise, he has some dreams, like getting our house paid off and then being able to jump into mission work or working with teens, that he will need my support for. And of course, we have our "together" dreams, like having a family and certain trips that we want to take, and what we want to do with the house to make it perfect for us.

We don't talk about those things all the time, but I am so glad we talked about some of them this weekend. It feels so good to have someone affirm what you are working toward, and to be on the same page with someone. Knowing that I have Luke behind me, and that we share our dreams really makes our marriage stronger.

Have you shared dreams with your spouse recently?

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  1. Lovely post, Lacy. I'm guilty of not always being aware of my husband's personal dreams. Maybe it's because he usually seems fairly satisfied with life, while I'm the one drowning in angst! I do know he loves music and might have chosen a music career if not for the relatively few choices for somebody who also wants to raise a family. Your post reminded me that I still need to nurture those dreams in him and give him the freedom to pursue them.