Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Favorite "New" Romantic Movies

Well, a couple of weeks ago I blogged about some of my favorite old, romantic movies.

So today I thought I would give you the list of my top ten favorite new, romantic movies.

Now . . . let me clarify a little bit. When I say "new" this is said with the understanding that I haven't actually sat in a movie theater with my hubby, holding hands, and sharing a tub of popcorn in six months, and before that it was two or three years.

We were on a trip to Dallas for our 10 year anniversary, and when Scott suggested we go see a movie, my first thought was, "No way! We can go see a movie anytime. We're supposed to be doing fun, unique, and exciting things on this trip."

And my husband's response was, "When was the last time we got to go to a movie together . . . alone . . . or sit through an entire movie at home without interruption."

Well, after that I was convinced. So we went to see Mamma Mia!, and it was wonderful.

But all this is to say that this list of movies is not recent, like a few months old. These are movies from the last 20 years or so.

So here they are, my Top Ten "New" Favorite Romantic Movies.

1. Pride and Prejudice (both versions: the BBC special starring Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle, and the more recent version with Keira Knightley & Matthew MacFadyen)

2. Return to Me (David Duchovny & Minnie Driver)

3. Sabrina (Harrison Ford & Julia Ormond)

4. Strictly Ballroom (Scott Mercurio & Tara Morice)

5. My Big, Fat Greek Wedding (Nia Vardalos & John Corbett)

6. Sense and Sensibility (Emma Thompson & Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet & Alan Rickman)

7. While You Were Sleeping (Bill Pullman & Sandra Bullock)

8. Benny and Joon (Johnny Depp & Mary Stewart Masterson)

9. The Marrying Man (Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger)

10. 50 First Dates (Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore)

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  1. Great list, Denice! I'm not usually an Adam Sandler fan, but I loved "50 First Dates."