Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Being Together

Good morning.

Well, my post is actually somewhat similar to my friend Lacy's. We have been extremely busy over the last few weeks, and honestly, being romantic has not been high on our list of things to do.

But really, it should be.

During the busiest seasons in our lives, we need to cling to one another and find a way to make the time to be together.

Just in the last week, we've had t-ball games, yard work, errands to run, meals to cook, a house to clean, a job search, kids' homework, hubby and the boys took a trip to visit relatives while the baby and I stayed home to rest, and more.

And I'm sure this sounds soooooo familiar to many people out there. Trying to keep up with everything else takes its toll on the time you can spend with your spouse, especially if you both work full-time on top of all that.

Yesterday my husband had errands he needed to run. My first inclination was, "Okay, go ahead. I have some chapters to work on, and laundry to fold."

But then I stopped when I realized we hadn't spent any time together in several days. So I put on my jacket, got the baby ready, and we headed into town to take care of the errands.

And it was nice.

Not wild and passionate.

Not wispy and dreamy.

Just nice.

And truthfully, sometimes nice is all you need together.

So in the midst of your own busy week, find a way to carve out some alone-time together, and don't worry about making it razzle-dazzle (although there's nothing wrong with that, and if you have the chance, GO FOR IT!). Just make it about you and your spouse together in a quiet place, and listening to each other, or soft music, or holding hands and cuddlig without saying a word.

It will help put you back on the track to romance more than you might think.


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  1. We've done this, too. A trip to the grocery store or browsing the Home Depot aisles--any outing together is a chance to reconnect.