Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Dude's Perspective on Romance

Today's post is a little different.
I have my brother, Clint Christensen, giving me an interview on how he romances his lovely wife, Misty.

When I first asked him to write a post for me his answer was "Not just no, but h-e-double-hockey-sticks NO!" (And I did edit that line. He has the vocabulary of your average prison inmate or sailor.)

So I went to the big sister stand-by. "If you don't do it, I'm telling Mom!"

Then we came up with a compromise. I'd do the writing if he would tell me the Top Five Romantic Tips he has to offer.

So here are his answers.

Number One: Make Her Dinner.

As a country boy (His full-time job is a firefighter, and his part-time job is running our mother's ranch), from a small town, nothing tells a wife you love her like cooking her favorite dinner . . . especially when you surprise her.

Number Two: Surprise Her with Flowers.

When I'm out on the farm or driving around, I use my cell phone and take a picture of a pretty flower. The wild blooms on a cactus or even a pretty rose in a garden, and send it to my wife with the text message: "I got you some flowers." She loves it. It's a good way to brighten her busy day.

(This was my favorite. I thought it was a great idea, and never would have thought my brother would do something so clever. Who knew?)

Number Three: Do Her Favorite Thing.

I like to stay home and she likes to go out, so once in a while surprise her by hopping in the truck and going where she wants to go. In Misty's case, that's usually the movies. She loves going to the movies, so I'll bite the bullet and take her, with popcorn and candy and the works.

Number Four: Help Her Family.

Once in a while I help her family without being asked to do it. I've mowed her Grandma's lawn and helped her Dad in his shed just as a nice gesture, and it always goes over very well with my wife. Family means a lot to her, and helping them without being prodded to do it always makes her happy.

(The emerging pattern I saw from our conversation was "Surprise Her." If you do something a little out of the ordinary, or just with a bit more thought for your spouse, it can have great results.)

Number Five: Going For A Drive.

I like to cruise through the country, checking out the land, seeing how crops are growing, and watching the wildlife. My wife likes to drive through town, looking at the houses and lawns, and making plans for the future. So we compromise and do both whenever we can. But just driving through town for her is one of the ways I try to please her.

Those are some of my brother's simple ways of showing love and affection for his wife. What are some simple ways you can show your spouse that you care?

Thank you, Clint, for sharing with us on RYS . . . and for not making me tell Mom on you.


  1. I never knew Clint had a tender side, but oh my goodness. What a guy!

  2. I know. His answers shocked me, too. I never knew my brother could be so romantic. Live and learn, I guess.

  3. How sweet! My personal favorite is "make her dinner." That REALLY says love to me!!!