Monday, June 22, 2009

I liked what Myra said on Thursday about finding romance in the every day things.

This weekend my brother surprised me and Dear Hubby by picking up our twins and taking them home with him. In fact, I am supposed to pick them up sometime today.

We still had the baby girl with us, but suddenly the pressure of all three kids running wild in the house was relieved.

And we loved it!

We were able to speak in a normal tone. No screaming and yelling above the noise to be heard. We were able to do one of my favorite things; snuggling on the couch and watching movies . . . or in our case, getting caught up on a new TV show we both like, Royal Pains.

We cooked lunch together today and snacked on the leftovers into the evening. All in all, it was great to spend more time together without the stress of all three kids.

Now, that isn't to say everything all weekend long was just peachy-keen.

We got up way too early (in my opinion) to go and watch Hubby's little niece (although technically she's actually his first cousin, but it feels more like she's his niece . . . anyway) play in a softball tournament. VERY HOT and HUMID day.

But we loved doing it, and if we had the option of going back for a do-over, we'd still go out to watch the games. Love Hubby's family and loved being there for that sweet girl.

Our daughter was a handful to keep up with, but we managed.

Came home that evening and showered, then Hubby took me out to dinner when I got a rejection from an agent.

He was very sweet about it, and told me I could order anything I wanted. Which was great. I eat my way through most of my problems. But the darling daughter would NOT be quiet in the restaurant. She babbled and screamed and threw food everywhere. She managed to make up for her brothers' absence, and then some.

It may not have been 100% perfect in the true romance department, but like Myra said, sometimes you just have to take what you can get, and enjoy it while it lasts.

Hope you all find a little romance with your spouses this week.


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