Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big News!

Luke and I have an announcement to share... we're having a baby!

We'll welcome our little one into the world sometime around the middle of December. That's right, a Christmas baby.

So this means we'll be moving from the category of "married with no kids" to "married with an infant" on the Romancing Your Spouse scale.

I don't think it's really hit us yet how this is going to change our lives. I can imagine it will be hard to leave the little one in the beginning, even to create a little romance with hubby, even though we have plenty of baby-sitters available between our two families. Then there's the whole "we have a kid but no money now" issue to think about...

I'd welcome your thoughts/experiences on keeping the romance alive with a small baby. Hope you'll leave a comment!

P.S. We'll find out in July whether it is a boy or girl, so stay tuned for an update!


  1. Congratulations, Lacy!!!
    Love has definitely been in the air at your house. I am thrilled for you.

  2. Oh, Lacy, what wonderful news--and yes, your lives will change dramatically! There will be new challenges to keeping the romance alive, but it's definitely possible. Just never stop making time for each other, and as you feel more and more comfortable leaving your little one for an hour or two or three, take advantage of those free baby-sitters!

  3. Babies are the best! More than 30 years ago, I remember my husband and I racing to attend to the cries of our little girl, exchanging comments on whose turn it was. Our first and second were adopted and we waited a long time for both. Each moment of love and experience is such a treasure. When I looked into the eyes of our first and she looked back at me, I told her "I have so much to share with you." And I still do; we're best buds now, and she and her hubby have blessed us with two precious granddaughters. Not trying to rush you, but when you get to be a grandmother, it's wonderful. You suddenly reach that "sainthood" stage, that requires thoughtful answers to inquisitive minds. But the dividends are priceless in hugs, kisses and character-building. Incidentally, everything parents say, and more of what we do, comes rocketing back to you when you least expect it. So stock up now on what's important and what you agree on, because your hearts will overflow into hers. Your love affair does continue, but a new dimension enters the relationship. It's the parent dimension, which is seasoned by love of God and each other. Don't be surprised if you can justify not going out with your spouse, but don't feel guilty if you do. Be blessed! Enjoy every single micro-second ... it passes so quick! Congratulations ... you're having a girl!