Monday, June 8, 2009

Fishing Romantic? Not Really.

Good morning, ladies (and a few gentlemen).

Sorry I'm late this morning. Hubby and our sons got back from a fishing trip yesterday, and I was so excited to see them, I forgot to write my blog post.

I don't know if I can really tie the weekend's events into romancing your spouse, since it sorta takes two to make the romance work.

But I'll try.

Hubby had been trying to plan this weekend with a friend for over a year, but conflicting schedules and unexpected delays kept getting in the way.

So he and the buddy finally got the date on both their calendars for the first weekend in June. Since hubby got his new job (and a dramatic pay cut) we've been looking at where to cut back in our budget.

We both had events planned for this month. I had a local conference at the end of June, and his fishing trip at the beginning. So we talked about it, and I decided that to save a little money and to give hubby a chance to have some fun, he should go fishing and I'd skip the conference.

But I don't know how "romantic" this "sacrifice" was because he also took the twins, which gave me almost three days of peace and quiet with our daughter.

So maybe this one was a romantic draw. We both got something we wanted, and we both missed each other, and we'll both be making renewed efforts to spend some alone time together.

Hope you all have a great week.

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  1. Sometimes it's a good idea to give each other time and space to do our own thing. I think it makes us more interesting to each other when we don't do everything together. Like Saturday, while I was at our monthly writers group meeting, my DH was off with friends at an air show and had the chance to fulfill (as his friends teased him) another item on his "bucket list"--flying as a front-seat passenger in a biwing plane!