Monday, June 1, 2009

Beneath the Surface

Good morning, folks.

Hope your weekend was good and filled with chocolates, roses, moonlight, walks on the beach or cozy cabins in the mountains . . . okay, reality check.

Mine wasn't filled with any of those things either.

My weekend started Friday night with our kids running loose outside with the neighbors' kid until after the sun went down. And there was no romantic hand holding on the porch as the sun set, either.

It was chaos and mayhem until we tossed them in their rooms for the night.

Saturday dawned WAY too early, and the cycle of playing hard started all over again. The most romantic moments of that day occurred when my dear hubby rubbed my shoulders as the children bounced on the trampoline and sprayed each other with the water hose, and when my husband brought me a chicken sandwich while I was trying to meet my word count goal for the week (which I did not, unfortunately).

The rest of Saturday included a rushed trip to Wal-Mart for cookie dough and a swimsuit for the toddler, and we ended up with over a hundred dollars worth of stuff we "absolutely had to have".

Yeah, right.

Then it was on to a super hot and sweaty t-ball practice, followed by two hours of swimming in a friend's neighborhood pool.

The sun set on another day, and there was no hand holding and romantic reminiscing on the porch.

Sunday . . . you've probably picked up on the cycle by now. Lots going on with our kids, not a lot of time together for romance.

So last night before we went to bed, I asked hubby about this. "What do you think we should be doing in the romance department with the summer just getting stared, and it already feels crazy?"

After wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, and me smacking him on the arm and telling him to be serious, he surprised me with his real answer.

"I'm just looking forward to a day alone with you. We can have breakfast in bed. Then head over to the bookstore where you'll get hot chocolate, I'll get a cup of coffee, and we can hang out together and talk and look at books until the matinee movie starts. After the movie we'll stop at the grocery store and get all the ingredients we need to cook a fantastic meal together. Then we can finish the night with strawberries and chocolate in bed."

Well . . . didn't my pulse just kick into overdrive?!

Who knew between the mowing, cleaning, kid-wrangling, and running from one activity to the next, there was a romantic date my husband has been planning, if we could only find the time?

I was certainly pleased, and have something really wonderful to look forward to.

Maybe all you need to do is have a simple conversation with your significant other, and you'll find out there's a whole lot of romance brewing that you never suspected.

And if we ever get to go on that date, I'll be sure to tell you how it goes.


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  1. What a great husband you have, Denice! But I guess you already knew that. ;>)