Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things to do together

Being married means doing things together. That is good for a marriage and to deepen your relationship with your husband. Well, I now know one thing I won't be doing with my husband. I tried--really--but it isn't gonna work.

I know some of you out there are great at being a gardner. Well, I'm not for several reasons. I still remember having to help my mother in the garden as a child. Let's just say I didn't inherit her green thumb. She was great at growing things. I'm not. I didn't like gardening as a child, and I haven't changed my mind in all those years. And while we on the subject of the outdoors, I don't camp out either. My idea of roughing it is a two star hotel.

Well, anyway I decided to help my husband these past few weeks with our yard work and gardens since I'm retired now. In the two times I worked outside with him, we found two snakes and I think every mosquito in the neighborhood feasted on me. I'm now over the urge to help my husband with the garden. He's on his own.


  1. That's too funny, Margaret. Anything that has to do with the garage is my husband's domain. I don't touch anything out there, don't want to, and hopefully will never have to.

  2. I so relate, Margaret!!! I love gardens but I hate gardening! My poor potted plants endure out of spite. Sometimes. And my husband's idea of gardening is mutilating the crepe myrtle. I have to admit, though, some of our sweetest times together are working in the flowerbeds or doing yardwork. Hard work, but at least it's togetherness.

  3. LOL! I soooo relate to this. I'd have gotten over it after the first snake. In fact, knowing that they're out there, I might have tried to find some other bonding opportunity to begin with.