Monday, March 23, 2009

Basketball is Romantic???

My husband is a huge college basketball fan, so this weekend when March Madness began, he was in heaven. He watched almost every game (with some comments about why some of his favorite teams have to be playing AT THE SAME TIME), and highlights, and commentary on ESPN when there weren't games to watch.

I don't consider basketball (or most sports!) terribly romantic. But I enjoy watching it on occaision, and the Big Dance has become something of a tradition for us to watch together.

We both like to fill out our own brackets and joke around with each other about who is winning, who picked the better teams, etc.

And, you have to admit, the players seem like they take their game up a notch for the tournament - they give it everything, not worried about getting hurt or looking foolish. They just want to win (which is a whole 'nother topic!). This makes the games much more interesting to watch. Not to mention nail-biting, hair-pulling and stomach-clenching. And Luke's team (Kansas) is still in it!

This is definitely one of the ways we've brought friendship into our marriage - which I feel is a necessary component of sustaining a long-term romance: finding things to do together. Watching basketball isn't my favorite thing to do, but it is pretty fun and hubby feels loved that we can watch it together.

And then when it's my turn, I get to have my chick-flicks. :)


  1. Yes, my hubby is quite the sports fanatic as well, and I've been trying to give him his "me time" to watch the games in peace.

    We've watched a couple of games together, but while I want to cuddle and snuggle up, he's twitching, pacing, biting his nails, and yelling at the TV.

    But at least we're together. Sort of ;).

  2. LOL--March Madness has definitely dominated the TV screen at my house recently. My hubby keeps his tournament chart by his chair and dutifully fills in the winners after each game. It's not my thing at all, so I just try to be patient, work on a crossword or Sudoku, and wait it out. Sorry, nothin' even remotely romantic about basketball to me!