Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Golfing or dancing? Now there's a tricky question!

Opposites attract it’s true, or at least so as it applies to my husband and I. I will be the first to admit that I am in no way shape or form a sports fanatic. He loves them. I swear I think that man of mine can quote stats from any sporting event ever invented. Somehow he knows the coaches, the players, the number of games won vs. lost. I, on the other hand, don’t have the slightest interest in anything sports related.

With one exception. The Ohio State Buckeyes. What can I say? I’m a born and bred Ohioan and frankly it’s in my blood. There’s no changing it, no erasing it and no thwarting a diehard Buckeyes fan. Frankly I feel bad for my neighbors down here in the south. They just don’t understand me! Ah well…it gives them plenty to shake their heads and talk about as I hang my Buckeye banner and wear my scarlet and gray. To each his own, I say.

As for any other sport, forget about it. I don’t want to watch it, or be close to anyone who sweats while they’re playing. Ugh! And yet, I live with a household full of males. Go figure! God certainly has a great sense of humor!

Now I applaud any woman who bonds with their hubbies over sports. Not me. Huh-uh. No way. Even when I’m watching the Bucks play, it’s a lonely deal. I don’t want my “guys” analyzed, stats quoted or a play-by-play commentary from my own peanut galley as the Bucks work their way to a win. I want to scream at the TV without my family looking at me as if I’ve just lost my mind. A tough gig, I know, but I can handle it!

Back to the topic at hand… So how do I manage to make this sports thing work in my marriage? Trade off!

A few years ago, I wanted to take ballroom dancing lessons in the worst kind of way. However, the minute I said the word dance my husband cringed. Honestly, I think my husband would rather have drug-free dental work done rather than to go dancing. He’s not alone, I’m afraid. Ask any man to take you dancing and they run for hills. Truth be told though, the feeling’s mutual for me at the thought of doing anything sports related.

However, my thought is, a couple that plays together, stays together. So I made him a deal. I’d go golfing if he’d take me dancing. Thinking I got the sweet end of the deal, because let’s face it, how hard could hitting a little white ball across the field, really be?! I marched right out and signed us up for dancing and golf. I pictured myself dancing and twirling in my husband’s arms for years to come and golf would become a distant memory.

No so. Let’s just say, we spent more time laughing about timing, sore feet and my love for twirling much more than we ever did Cha-Cha-Cha-ing our way across the ballroom. As for golfing…I still have the clubs, the cute golf shirts and I do go to the range every once in a blue moon with my boys to shoot a bucket of balls. But don’t you dare ask me to chase a little white ball for 18 holes! It’s not going happen anymore than if I asked my husband to take me to a dance club to Tango in front of a crowd. He’d rather die!

The bottom line is, try something new. Meet in the middle. If he loves tennis and you want a yoga partner, take a couples class together. It doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment, it’s for fun. And isn’t that what this is about? Adding a spark to your marriage, laughing so hard you can’t breathe and building memories that both of you will cherish? Of course it is!

So get out there, go skydiving, snowboarding or square dancing. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you both love to do. If not, you’ll have lots of fun trying!

As for us, we’ll keep meeting in the middle. Compromise is a big word in our household. In fact for our anniversary we’ll be trying something new again. Guess what it is…if mud, trails and 4-wheels came to mind, then you’d be on the right track!

Until next time, here’s to keeping the fun alive in your marriage!

Many blessings & much laughter! Amy


  1. That is so true about having fun together. It seems my hubby and I always connect best when we are doing something fun or diffenrent.

    And your post has also made me realize I'm going to have to give in and go play miniature golf with my hubby. He's been after me forever to play with him.

    I think it's just because he wants a rematch. In all the years we've been married, and all the times we've played, he's never beaten me. I think he just wants to vindicate himself.

  2. OH NO!!! Not another Buckeyes fan (the "other" OSU--LOL)!!! I'm married to one!

    About a million years ago my hubby and I signed up for ballroom dance lessons. We sure wouldn't have made it on "Dancing With the Stars," but it was fun. And I can't honestly say we ever tried any of those steps at an actual dance. On the other hand, our country/western lessons come in handy every once in a while. Cotton-eyed Joe, anyone?