Sunday, March 29, 2009

Romancing the Laundry

Why is it that a husband helping out with household chores is so sexy?

I know someone wrote about the Five Love Languages back when we started this blog. Is one of them "household chores"? I'm just kidding. If I remember right, there is one about "doing things" for your spouse.

That one is a biggie for both me and my husband. For hubby it is more about bringing him a glass of water, or cooking dinner, or running an errand for him after work.

For me, it is helping out with the dishes, laundry, or just taking out the trash when it gets full. I appreciate those things SO much, because it makes my life easier. And most of the time they don't take that long to do.

Another one of the love languages that is a biggie in our household is Affirmation. We both try to do a good job of telling the other person that we appreciate them. I know there are times that I do better at this than others. Mostly when I'm consciously thinking about it. :) Sometimes, though, when I see something on TV or hear someone at work talking about their spouse, I think to myself, "I'm so glad I married Luke." Then I'll usually try to call him and tell him before I get too busy.

I know when I get those little phone calls or text messages, they brighten up my workday. It is just a nice feeling to be loved, and so easy to do for the other person. I'd better go call Luke now...


  1. I don't know why, but your post about how sexy it is for a husband to help out around the house reminded me of a Brawny papertowel commercial that was on a couple of years ago.

    It had a cute guy in the kitchen doing the dishes, staring into the camera with "smoldering eyes", and wiping up the spilled water with the paper towel. Then he was frosting a cake, staring, and cleaning up. Then an adorable puppy made a mess, the staring, and the cleaning.

    So I have to say, I think the idea of a helping husband has mass appeal to lots of women . . . myself included!!

  2. I'm married to one of those super-helpful guys! Acts of service is definitely his love language, so I've come to appreciate the many ways he shows his love that way.