Monday, March 2, 2009

Busy busy busy

The last two weeks I have felt a lot like the fish in the Disney movie Little Nemo who says "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"!

Busy season has officially begun. And although it won't be as bad for me as it is for our poor tax professionals, it wears me out. Runs me ragged. Exhausts me. Every year. Thank goodness it only lasts about 6-8 weeks (for me anyway).

During this time of year, I definitely don't feel like taking time to think about romance or what I need to do to keep Luke happy. So of course that is a big red flag for me that I need to be on my toes to make sure I am not neglecting my marriage right now. Sure, the housework can suffer a little. Cooking, what's that??? Unfortunately I can't ignore the extra work, it's required.

So what do I do?

The best I can.

Last week was a particularly difficult one. I only managed to drag myself out of the house for dinner with Luke on Friday, and then because I knew I could sleep in a little on Saturday. We were able to really tune in to each other and listen, and had some great conversation.

And then jumped into the rest of the busy weekend. I met with my writer friends on Saturday (desperately needed!!), in between loads of laundry. And about half of Sunday was spent in worship and family time with my extended family. I did get a little "me" time slipped in there, too, and a few hours of work. Yuck. I hate working on the weekends.

I can still feel it this Monday morning - I'm stretched a little thin. Because my hubby is such a GUY, he probably will need more than a hint, but I'll definitely be informing him tonight that I'll require some special treatment this week.

Wonder what he'll come up with? Last year he made a special dinner and cleaned it up all on his own. I'll report back in next week and let you know.

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