Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Couples who volunteer together - stay together!

I just finished reading an article about Chuck and Dottie Gauntlett, a local couple who are both in their 70’s, and who spend much of their time helping others. It’s a combined effort they both truly love. Chuck is a retired military man, serving in both the Army and Air Force. Dottie on the other hand is a retired nurse.

Many would think that this couple should be spending their time walking on a tropical beach, snorkeling with the fishes or hightailing it through Europe. Not these two. Instead, this couple volunteers much of their time for the Habit for Humanity.

Chuck and Dottie volunteer in almost every stage of the development of a home. From the construction to the dedication they actively work to help other couples build a life and a future together.

And what do they do once those responsibilities are completed? Why volunteer elsewhere….of course! Dottie can be found at her church sewing quilts that will later be donated to those in need while Chuck can be found volunteering for a disaster relief team.

Now how’s that for retirement?

I love reading articles about people like Chuck and Dottie Gauntlett. They’re guiding lights to those of us who are a little younger, whose nest isn’t quite empty yet and are in the throes of raising kids. The Gauntlett’s lead the way by showcasing a marriage that has worked together, played together and now volunteers together. This endearing couple proves that by doing something that they both enjoy they not only build a strong marriage they also help their fellow man.

A lesson, I dare say, we all could learn.

So let me challenge you and your spouse to find a volunteer activity that you both will enjoy doing. Whether it’s working with an organization to feed hungry children, sorting donations for a local food bank or like the Gauntlett’s you nail 2x4’s to build a new home for a young couple, get out there and do something!

And when you do, drop me a line and tell me about it! I want to know what you’re doing and how it’s changing your marriage.

Until then – God bless! ~ Amy

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  1. Sorry I didn't get to this post sooner, Amy. It really struck a chord with me. For many years (before moving out of the Houston area) my husband and I volunteered at a therapeutic riding center together. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. Since moving to Oklahoma we haven't set aside the time to find a similar venue, but something else we do together is sing in the church choir. So many couples go off separately to do their own thing, but we've always tried to find common interests that will allow us to spend our free time together instead of apart.