Friday, March 27, 2009

One Dude's Perspective on Romance: Positives and Negatives

Scott here again.

It seems after a couple has been married for many years, or even a few short months, all the negative traits you ignored, or that had not surfaced early in the relationship, gradually emerge in the marriage.

As some of these perceived negatives become relationship issues, we have found that the best course of action is to address them openly and honestly, rather than let them fester beneath the surface.

Another thing we do is consciously focus on the positives in order to break the cycle of negativity.

So I have made a list of ten things I love about my wife. This is a list she also makes, and we deliberately share our lists with each other so we know how the other feels. Her list will be up in her Tuesday post.

If you find yourself focusing on all the negatives in your spouse, try to stop and take a moment to remember all the reasons you fell in love in the beginning, and concentrate on what you love about them now.

Scott A. Stewart

Ten Things I love About My Wife:

* Her pouty look when she needs me to do something for her.
* When I hold her, she’s still a perfect fit.
* Her hair; the look, the smell, the touch.
* The way she cares for others, and never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings.
* The way she hates to see others ridiculed or made fun of. She believes that words do hurt and never wants to see that happen.
* Her smile when someone (hopefully me) makes her laugh.
* Though she is no domestic goddess, I love when she cooks for me.
* I love that she is so good at making the tears of our children go away.
* That she really believes in having a strong family.
* That she has a genuine love of our Lord and Savior.

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  1. This is so sweet, Scott! Denice is one lucky gal!