Monday, March 16, 2009

Romance on a busy schedule - take 2

The busyness at work continues...

Luke definitely fanned the romance this past week by bringing home dinner a couple of times, doing dishes and laundry, and just all-around being encouraging.

We did find time to watch Australia on DVD together this weekend. I am a sucker for romantic movies, that's one of the first things Luke noticed about me when we first dated.

Our first kiss was during Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (okay, not totally a romantic movie, but there is a romance thread!).

He took me to see Pride and Prejudice (2005 version) three times in theaters.

One of our cheap dates during college was to curl up and watch movies together.

Of course, I have to give in part of the time and let him watch his adventure/shoot-'em-up/suspense movies sometimes. It only seems fair. Oh, and during sports season (football and basketball, mostly), his guy movies get pre-empted by the sports watching.

Necessities for movie-watching romance in our house include 1) comfy couch; 2) popcorn and/or sweets; 3) blanket for Lacy (he keeps it so cold in our house!!!), or substitute a snuggly lap dog; 4) holding hands.

Wonder if I can get away with watching a girly movie this weekend...? Probably not, thanks to March Madness. ;)

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