Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Dating Game

Hello everyone!

Glad to be back with you today. I had planned to tell you how my date with my husband went over the weekend while we were visiting my mother.

We had planned while she watched the kids to go out for dinner, and since she lives in a rural area, we were going to do the old high school date routine and go sit out under the stars while the radio played and we'd talk about our dreams and future plans.

Only one small problem . . . there was no date!

The kids are still getting over a bout with the flu, and Mom just didn't think she could handle all three sick kids on her own. And I don't blame her for that. I'm their mother and I don't think I can handle all three of them on my own when they're sick.

So we called my brother to come over and give Mom a hand so Hubby and I could be on our way. But after we told him where we were going for dinner, my brother got all excited.

That's his favorite restaurant!

Couldn't we drive over (the restaurant is 30 minutes from my mom's house), and pick up enough food for everyone?

Uh, well, that kind of defeated the purpose of us going out alone on a date.

He reasoned we could go on a date any time, and that he was starving, and now that he had that restaurant in his head, no other food sounded good to eat.

So being the good sister and brother-in-law that we are, Hubby and I drove over, picked up dinner for everyone, and brought the food home. But unfortunately, in absolutely no way, shape, or form did our delivery service resemble a date.

And I have to say this totally bummed me out. Before we left for my mom's house for the weekend, we had the date night all worked out with her.

Now, the kids being sick didn't help the situation, but still . . . I was really looking forward to our simple, quiet time alone to stare at the sky, hold hands, and feel like teenagers again, but minus the crazy hormones.

So this week's planned romantic date was a bust. We'll have to see how it goes before my next post.

I hope you are all trying hard to work special time with your sweetie into your week. As I am discovering in my efforts to be more deliberate with the romance in our marriage, it's not easy!


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