Monday, February 16, 2009

A Cheap Date

My husband is a tightwad. No, I'm serious. He is worse than my grandpa, who is notorious for being cheap.

HOWEVER, when my husband starts talking about paying off the mortgage early or our retirement accounts, I start feeling a little warm and fuzzy.

So I guess you could say that it's not so much that Luke is a miser, but that he is a planner, and plans things down to the penny. ;)

Well, you can imagine that there have been times when we've needed a little romance and all we had was a few dollars to our names. So we get creative sometimes.

Some of the ways we've been able to save money on dates are:
*matinee movies - we have a movie theatre close to our home that shows first-run movies for $3.50 during matinee times. Talk about a bargain! Plus, another bonus to seeing a movie during the afternoon is that popular movies aren't usually as packed as they are later at night.
*two-for-one bowling - lots of bowling alleys have discount nights or offer buy-one-get-one games (shoe rental usually isn't included but they're not too pricey). If you don't buy the food, which can get expensive, this can be a really fun date for not a lot of cash.
*hiking and a picnic - in OKC we have several state parks within a two hour driving distance, including one of my favorites, Red Rock Canyon. The hiking is free and if you pack your own picnic, all you need is some gas money to get there. This is a great way to spend a whole afternoon - lots of time to talk and just enjoy time together without distractions like TV and cell phones (leave them in the car!). And you get your exercise, too.

I've got lots of discount date ideas. I think I'll save some for future posts. What about you? Do you have creative ideas for cheap dates?

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  1. Great suggestions, Lacy! This is a good reminder that quality "date time" with your spouse doesn't have to be expensive. A little thought and effort can turn an ordinary outing into a special occasion.

    A "freebie" we enjoy in warmer weather is having our afternoon snack break on the back deck, where we can talk about our day and enjoy the view.