Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Commercials

My husband loves football. Mostly college football, but this year he played in a fantasy football league (pro), so we watched that too. And when I say "watched", I mean that he watched while I read a good book. ;)

After Sunday football, Monday night football, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night football, for MONTHS... needless to say by the Superbowl I am all footballed-out.


I love watching the Superbowl commercials. Some of them can be pretty dumb, I know. But there are usually several hilarious ones that really get me cracking up. Mrs. Potato-Head, anyone?

The commercials got me thinking about how important it is to do the small things to make life more romantic for your spouse.

For three years, my hubby and I worked full-time and also attended night school. We got to see each other from 10pm to 7am every day and sometimes on the weekends. But we worked relatively close together, so we started going to lunch several times a week. For us, this was a workable solution so that we could see each other, interact, have fun. And it was a nice break in the middle of a workday that was usually pretty stressful. We didn't even eat out all the time, sometimes we brought our food and just ate TOGETHER.

And now that we're "all grown up" and have graduated school, we like to go to lunch together every once in awhile just for fun. It's a nice, romantic interlude in the middle of an otherwise hectic week!


  1. My husband and I try to work it out that we get to eat together. Our lives are pretty busy, usually going in different directions MOST days so when we get a chance to relax and do something together it is a treat.
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms at wb4me dot com

  2. Lunch together is a good thing. ;>) Since my husband is semi-retired and consulting from a home office, we "meet" for lunch every day. It's a pleasant little oasis in the middle of our busy workdays.