Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Date Follow-Up

Hello, hello.

It’s Tuesday again, and as promised, I’m here to give you the play by play of our fabulous Valentine’s “At Home” date.

Or rather, the not-so-fabulous version. Here’s what happened.

Dear Hubby gave me my free present, the entire day to myself watching romantic movies and reading romance novels during the commercials while he kept an eye on the kiddos.

My gift to him was his favorite foods during our late night picnic later that evening. And I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed my gift. I think I got the better end of the deal.

In the early afternoon, while our wonderful baby girl took her nap, Hubby and the twins went to the park to play. All afternoon. His mission was to wear them out as much as possible so they would be exhausted and fall asleep early.

He brought them home and got baths started while I worked on getting the food ready. When everything was nearly complete, I left Hubby to turn off burners and put the kids in bed while I took a quick shower (I managed to get oil in my hair while preparing roasted asparagus spears).

But when I got out of the shower, chaos had erupted. The baby was drinking from her sippy-cup, and letting the milk pour down her chin and dribble all over her fresh, clean jammies.

The twins were running naked through the house, refusing to put on their underwear, and waving their pajama bottoms over their heads like flags.

Hubby was removing the burnt crustini from the oven and yelling for the boys to get their clothes on. And in the middle of helping my husband get the kitchen cleaned up and the kids under control, I accidentally dumped raw chicken juice all over the counter-top.

Being the germ-o-phobe that I am, I spent way too much time scrubbing up the mess, and probably inhaled way too many chemical fumes in the process.

But finally, thirty minutes later than we had anticipated, we were able to sprawl out on a blanket on the living room floor (after reheating the food in the microwave), and enjoy our meal. We didn’t have time to pick up flowers, I decided not to try the candles as accident prone as I had been all night, but I did put on some soft music to relax by.

All in all, once the kids were down, it was a nice night. We both enjoyed the food, the quiet, and just being together with no interruptions.

We’ll definitely be trying the late night date again, and hopefully the prep time will have less messy results.



  1. Oh, my. Love my kids, but the empty nest is a lot less hassle! Glad you were able to salvage the evening once the sweeties got to sleep. ;>)

  2. Glad you managed to have a nice night after all, Denice! But I bet those twins were something running through the house. :)