Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dinner for two please...

Years ago, when my kids were toddlers, we lived in the Northwest where seafood reigns supreme. My husband and I love seafood, our kids…hate it! Whenever I’d make any type of seafood they’d go screaming down the hall, tears would fall and a battle would ensue.

I was lamenting to my mother-in-law about this seafood issue when she told me, “pick your battles wisely.” Smart woman. So I stopped chasing my kids, trying to force them to eat something they thought was horrible and gave them what they would eat, “kid food.” This worked for a while, but frankly an adult can only eat so much pizza and chicken nuggets before we simply get sick of it all and start craving real food.

One day as I was flipping through my recipe cards I came upon one of our favorite entrees. Grilled Teriyaki Halibut with asparagus. My mouth started to water and instantly my mind was made up. No more kid food! But what was I going to do? The kids hate it, we love it. Aha! Two meals. Honestly I think I left skid marks in my driveway as I sped off to the market! I grabbed dinner fixin’s for two groups, the kiddies and the adults.

Now, I swear my kids have seafood sonar. The minute I walked into the kitchen with the grocery bags, they wrinkled their noses and went to their respective boxing corners, ready to do battle. Quickly, I pulled out the pizza box and waved it in front of them. Still not quite believing me, I reassured them that I was making pizza for them and seafood for dad and I. In fact, I told them, they’d be eating dinner early and then going outside to play so they didn’t have to smell the grilled seafood. Squeals of glee rang throughout our home! Within minutes they gobbled up the pizza and shot outside, happy to have escaped a fish ordeal.

Meanwhile, I grilled up our dinner and set the dinner table. I used the nice china, lit a couple of candles and waited for my hubby to come home. When he walked in the kitchen sheer joy erupted on his face!

Dinner was a huge success for everyone. The kids loved having Friday night pizza and we loved having our seafood night. Even now, years later, we still carry on this tradition. It’s a break from the weekly grind that the entire family enjoys.

And the greatest benefit of it all..”alone time” with my hubby. Sure, the kids are still around, well, sort of…the smell of the fish keep them outside playing! Which works wonderfully for us. We get a chance to sit, unwind, talk and enjoy a great meal as the kids play. And we didn’t need to leave our home or pay for babysitters.

So try it! Start a new weekly tradition. Pick up your favorite dinner fixin’s or your favorite Chinese take-out and enjoy it on the patio as the sun sets and the children play. You’ll be glad you made the effort to nurture your love for each other!

Wishing you all the best on your date night! Blessings & much love, Amy

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  1. That is really a good idea, Amy! And probably one your kids will remember when they have kids. :)