Thursday, February 26, 2009

Collection of Monthly Ideas

Hi, everyone.

I mentioned in the comments section earlier this month, or maybe it was the end of last month, I'm not sure, anyway . . . I mentioned I would post a list of all the romantic tips and ideas we've had during the month.

And as promised, here is the list, and the person(s) credited with the idea. If you have any more ideas or didn't get credited for something you suggested, let us know in the comments.

Keep sharing your thoughts.

Romance Your Spouse Monthly Ideas:

  • Cheap date ideas (matinee movies, two-for-one bowling, hiking and a picnic) – Lacy Williams
  • Going for a drive together – Janet Lee Barton, Amy Loos
  • Doing a project together (working on flower beds, painting a room, laying down flooring) – Myra Johnson, Carla Stewart
  • Give your spouse time to themselves to do the things they enjoy (girlie time or guy time) – Amy Loos
  • Late Night Picnic in the living room – Denice Stewart
  • Being available when your spouse needs you – Lacy Williams
  • Taking a walk together (walking the dog) to talk and reconnect during the week – Amy Loos, Carla Stewart, Erin Young
  • Meeting for Lunch during the week – Lacy Williams, Carla Stewart, LaShaunda, Pamela J., Myra Johnson
  • Going dancing – Koala Bear Writer
  • Explore The Five Love Languages (Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch) – Margaret Daley
  • E-mail or text each other throughout the day, Kissing in the morning and evening, Taking 30 minutes a day to catch up, Holding hands, Saying “I love you” intentionally – Denice Stewart
  • Praying over each other, even for simple errands – Janet Rockey
  • Giving your spouse your undivided attention – Pamela J, Becca Dowling
  • Cooking a special dinner for your spouse – Mary Connealy, Patti
  • Dedicate a song to your sweetie - Sandy
  • Spending a birthday at a local Bed and Breakfast – Lacy Williams
  • Rather than a special evening out, enjoy a special breakfast together – Myra Johnson
  • Afternoon break together outdoors during warmer weather – Myra Johnson
  • Combining dinner and a small event, not the movies, like exploring a new shop in town, a high school production, hanging out at Starbucks, going to a bookstore, etc. - Tina

Again, thank you all for your comments and thoughts. Keep them coming!

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